Cosmo - (Kenamu Care To Dare)

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Owned by: Jan Marker

Titler: DKCH


Cosmo is a happy boy - he is gentleman to the tip of his paw and have a great mind and temperament.

He is very happy to walk in the woods with his father and loves to carry around sticks, size are subordinate.

He loves water, is a very skilled swimmer, collecting items thrown out into water and dipping the head in the water bowl when he drinks, he is good at using his nose to search for treats and he will  wag his tail every time you just look at him or talk to him. Even the sound of SMS get the tail to wag.

Name : Kenamu Care To Dare
Father : Fearless Bear's Inthemood At Kenamu
Mother : Liskarn Cracker
Breed : Newfoundland
Born : 16.08.2012
Color : Black
Sex : M
HD : C
AD : 1
Litters : 0
ID No.: 958000002306247

Practical information

Contact information:
Kennel Socathan
2670 Greve
Mob: 21 72 80 91
Email: Contact

Today: 6
This month: 1465
Total: 205414

Member of:

Dansk Kennel Klub Newfoundlandklubben Breeding program

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