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Information about ourselves, we are a family of four, consisting of:

Thomas: Independent optician, so work-time and leisure-time is needed in the  business hours. The rest of leisure time is spent on family, dogs, cruising around on his Harley Davidson motor bike, and experiments on the Weber grill.

Anette: Accounting assistant, employed by Thomas, is home coordinator, spends her free time on the family, the dogs, go to a show, watertraining with the dogs, cut and fix the dogs, and knit a little when time permits.

Sofie: Accountant traniee, twin to Catherine, at home, are currently using all her time at work and her HD studio and fitness facility.

Cathrine: Studying Danish at the university of Copenhagen, twin to Sophie spends all her free time training and has just completed her first marathon.

It all started in the summer of 2003. We were in the medieval center of Nykoebing. There we met a family with a super cute 5 months old newfie puppy. We quickly agreed that if we were to have a dog, then it should be such a kind.

We searched the web and we visited several exhibitions, just to be absolutely sure that it was such a dog we wanted. At an exhibition we came in contact with Birgitte Gothen -kennel Ursula - and we were so lucky that she was expecting puppies the week after, and that we would be allowed to buy a puppy from her. We picked up our puppy - Emma - in the autumn holiday 2003.

Everybody told us that once you have one Newfoundland dog, then you quickly gets the second one, but we just said, yes, yes, lets see. But it went as everyone said, and in the following years, we had both 2 and 3 dogs living.

We live in a residential neighborhood in Greve and our dogs are part of our family, and live with us inside the house. We go to shows with our dogs and doing watertraining with them.

When we had to make a web-site  and had to have a kennel name, what was the kennel supposed to be called?. We thought and thought and came up with the idea… If we take the first 2 letters of each of our names: then you get the name Socathan.

Practical information

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Kennel Socathan
2670 Greve
Mob: 21 72 80 91
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Dansk Kennel Klub Newfoundlandklubben Breeding program

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