Litter A - Our first litter

Emma gave birth to her first litter 14 november 2006!!
See each puppy below by clicking on the images.

Males Females

Socathan's Another killer
living with Thomas and Pia 
on Fyn

Socathan's All Love
From Denmark

living with fam. Engo in Finland

Socathan's Amazing Boy

living with Anne-Mette and Carsten
in Holbæk

Socathan's Arabien Nights
living with fam. Dreiager
in Virum

Socathan's Armstrong
living with Hanne and Poul 
on Greenland

Socathan's Against All Odds
living with us in Greve.

Socathan's Agent 007 Bond

living with Karsten and Annelise
in Nykøbing F.

Practical information

Contact information:
Kennel Socathan
2670 Greve
Mob: 21 72 80 91
Email: Contact

Today: 6
This month: 1465
Total: 205414

Member of:

Dansk Kennel Klub Newfoundlandklubben Breeding program

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