Pedigree for Emma - (Ursulas Tiffany Diamond)

  Father Mother
Newf Mermaid
LOSH 840118 H:A
Copyright By Lilo V.
D. Wässernach
09082/2003 H:A A:2
Grandpa Grandma Grandpa Grandma
Twillin Gate
LOSH 0789837 H:B
Newf Mermaid Vedanta
LOSH 0798601 H:C
Kaylar's Repeat Performance
NZB 41525 H:C A:0
Kaylars Wake Up Little Susie
NZB 42501 H:A
Grandpa's parents Grandma's parents Grandpa's parents Grandma's parents
Twillin Gate Quenneth
LOSH 701159 H:A
Beniamino Martin
LOI DS113650 H:B
Kaylars Leader Of The Pack
AKC WP765265/03
Soulmate's From The Hart
AKC WP596779
Twillin Gate Oscarlet-Ohara
LOSH 0654899 H:D
Black Baby Doll V.D. Tafelronde
NHSB 1863841 H:C
Kaylar's New Yea Resolution
AKC WP608315/04 H:A
Kaylar's Boo Beary
AKC WP747043 H:A

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